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Bible Dictionary
Over 100 of the best Bible dictionaries to choose from!

We carry the Strong's Bible dictionary, Holman's Bible dictionary, Smith's Bible dictionary, Vine's Bible dictionary, Unger's Bible dictionary, and more! We also carry combined Bible concordance-dictionaries/ Bible dictionary-concordances.

Bible Dictionary Selection
Find the Bible dictionary you are looking for! If you don't see the title you are looking for let us special order it for you. Here are a few publisher review notes which may be of interest to you...

The Holman Bible Dictionary... "Another Bible dictionary? Yes---it's conservative, trustworthy, and impressive! Flip quickly through the alphabetical margin tabs to find the in-depth information you need on all the people, places, things, words, and themes of the Bible. Articles by Donald Bloesch, Walter Kaiser, Ralph Martin, and hundreds of others are extensively cross-referenced. Features color maps, photos, and charts. 1444 pages, hardcover."

The Complete Word Study Dictionary: New Testament by Zodhiates, Spiros... "A detailed study tool for Bible scholars, this dictionary is the perfect companion to The Complete Word Study New Testament. Each Greek word in the New Testament is defined and explained, providing readers with all they need to explore every idiom and nuance of the original Greek text. Each entry includes word derivation, exegetical commentary, word history and etymology, and synonym and antonym lists."

Smith's Bible Dictionary by Smith, William... "A trustworthy classic of Bible scholarship, this compact and inexpensive edition of Smith's is more than just a dictionary defining thousands of biblical words. It's a complete Bible study resource, packed with page after page of essential information like . . . Descriptions of important Bible characters and locations Dozens of maps and charts to deepen Old and New Testament understanding Chronological tables of events for quick, accurate reference 4,000 questions and answers designed to challenge and instruct Background on biblical life including such items as weights and measures, idols, vegetation, geography, kings and queens, musical instruments, animals, traditions and customs, food, political movements and more. This Bible reference, complete with easy-to-understand definitions and helpful visual illustrations, is a perfect companion for all students, teachers, and families. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title."

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