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Is it your life dream to provide life changing products to the world? Now you can be a part of providing Christian products to the Christian community. Call or email us to find out how.
Touching Lives...

The original concept of an online Christian bookstore network was built on the dreams of Tom Pittman and Steve Darrow. Many years ago, Steve was an atheist. He was in college and had a Christian roommate. His roommate and he would often dispute the existence of Our Heavenly Creator. One evening Steve's roommate offered him the book, "The Late Great Planet Earth," by Hal Lindsey. The reason Steve accepted the book was simple,... his plan was to gather information from the book for their next discussion. He wanted ammunition to refute Christianity. What happened next did not go according to Steve's plan. Hal Lindsay's book presented evidence regarding the existence of God and spoke to Steve's heart. About halfway through reading the book, Steve realized that he could no longer deny the existence of God. That's the day, he came to know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. His life forever! His life turned from the empty life of an atheist to the full life of a believer. Now, that is the power of a book. Steve said it best when he said, "Christian books change lives, and Christian music restores the soul."

That was the beginning. In 2002, Steve took steps toward getting life changing products into the hands of people via the Internet. The concept took wings. The concept was simple, we all know people who know other people, and we could together touch the world through this new online Christian community.

Now, the original company Steve started in 2002 lasted for 4 years and dissolved in 2006. Although the original company no longer exists, the concept lives on and has taken root. There are now a variety of online options available. Let us show you how you can own your own online Christian bookstore. Help spread The Word in households and on the Internet.

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