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Do you have a product to sell? Now, you can sell it from your own e-commerce website! This is the ultimate perpetual fund raiser! Not only can you sell your product year round, online, but you can earn additional money on popular products Christian's already buy. Bibles, books, videos, and /or music. Raise funds selling what they naturally buy year around. The best part is that it's online!
A Ministry Website
This is a unique e-commerce solution that is great for ministries! You can now have a ministry website and e-commerce solution rolled into one. Name brand your ministry website with your own logo. Dependent on which web solution you choose, you may be able to add directions, service hours, and upcoming events. Accept online donations, sell your ministry tapes, books, cd's, and / or tickets to upcoming ministry events.

Perpetual Fund Raiser
Add your new personalized bookstore address to your ministry business cards, stationary letterhead and announcements. Have a customizable web site of your own. Sites come preloaded with a huge database of Christian products including current Christian best sellers.

Earn Commissions on Every Sale!
The Christian retail industry is a multi-billion dollar per year industry. Earn commissions on all products sold through your ministry store. Easily add your own products to your store (optional feature).

Give You Supporters What They Want
The Christian retail industry is a multi-billion dollar per year industry. Currently, most of those dollars go to the hands of corporate America. Be a part of changing the tides. Help redirect Christian spending back into the Christian community. Let your supporters redirect the dollars they will naturally spend this year on Christian products back into your ministry.

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