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Add your product to a huge database of Christian items on thousands of online stores nationwide. Some of the stores using this system include Christian brick and mortar bookstores, churches, ministry and family run stores. Website design can be a costly and time consuming. Now, we have discovered an affordable solution. Have your own family, business or ministry web site today! Share your product with the Christian online community. Sites are customizable to your ministry's preference. Add your products, logo, devotionals, calendar schedule, and contact info.
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Share your product with the Christian community. Ask how you may be able to add your proprietary products to the main database which powers hundreds of Christian web sites. Get started today! Let us show you how.

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Receive donations for your church or ministry online! When you activate the donations feature on your online Christian bookstore, your supporters can make their contributions online. Receive the full donation amount less only the standard merchant fees.
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