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Purchase and receive your own fully functional ecommerce web site. Each site comes pre-stocked with a huge selection of family friendly products. Easily setup, this web site is great for beginners. Be the proud owner of your own online Christian bookstore. Brick and mortar Christian bookstores are going out of business all over this country, yet Christian product sales top the 13 billion dollar per year mark. Make a profit in the Christian product market. Earn commissions selling Christian, books, Bibles, music, videos, dvds, toys, games, homeschool curriculum, software, inspirational gifts, and more!
Option #1 - The Complete Package
Own your own online Christian bookstore. Sell your own products, plus earn commissions on a pre-loaded inventory of wholesome products. No orders to take. The process is done for you. No inventory or stocking of products. Stock and ship only your own personal product line if you choose to add to the already existing product database!

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Option #2 - Affordable Hosting For Your Existing Ministry Website
This option has nothing at all to do with owning an online Chistian bookstore. This option is for those who already have a website and are looking for an alternative, affordable hosting solution. If you are looking for low priced web hosting for your existing web site and you do not want to change your system to Spread the Word Ministries' online solution, we have the answer. King's Domains offers web site hosting as low as $3.95 per month! They also offer great deals on all your web site needs. Build your own site. Drive traffic to your site. Shopping cart solutions. Spam-free email accounts and more! Your one stop do-it-yourself web design company.
Monthly Web Hosting as low as $3.95
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