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Are You Seeking a Purpose Filled Life?

Have you been looking for a long time for the perfect business? Are you praying for a unique opportunity? This may be God's answer to all that time you have spent on your knees. Don't ignore or pass up this opportunity!

Our goal is to get life changing books into the hands of people conveniently and affordably, and to redirect the Christian spending dollar back into the hands of Christian churches, ministries, and families.

We all decide how to spend our time, treasure, and talent.

We all decide how to spend our time, treasure, and talent. Have a home based career with purpose. Help keep Christian spending dollars in the Christian community!

Most of the money we currently spend on Christian products goes back to the pockets of corporate America. Join this grassroots effort to recapture those lost dollars and direct them back into the hands of Christian churches, ministries, and families. Let us show you how. Call us toll-free (888) 841-5551.

Take our simple, self-evaluating quiz and discover whether this opportunity may be the right for you.

    Are you interested in earning extra income?   
    Do you or anyone you know buy Christian books, music and gifts?   
    Would you like to help redirect dollars spent on Christian products back to Christian families and ministries?   
    Would you like to be part of a Christian community?   
    Are you interested in receiving discounts on Christian products?   
    Would you like to raise money for your church, charitable organization or a special ministry?   
    Would you like to find your work more spiritually fulfilling?   
    Are you willing to take the time to learn and be trained to be as successful as possible?   
    Would you like to be your own boss?   
If you answered YES to at least 5 of the questions above, then this is for you!

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