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Marketing Tips and Ideas
This page is dedicated to marketing tips and ideas on how to build your business. When you become a bookstore owner we will also share with you additional tips on search engine optimization, marketing tools, where to get free business cards and more!

Search Engine Information for New Bookstore Owners
Be sure to submit your site to the seach engines. It's simple and often free! Some search engines charge, but many are free.

Don't Under Estimate the Power of Old Fashioned Word of Mouth
Share your business everywhere you go! Pass out business cards, business catalogs, coupons, and business flyers. One store owner leaves his business card on the driver's window of each parked car he sees which has a Fish or Christian sticker on it.

25 Marketing Ideas to Build Your Business
(As quoted and revised from the training article, "25 Ways to Reach Your Target Market")

In order for your prospective customers to respond to your marketing propositions, you must have a way of delivering your messages to them. Here are 25 ways to do that . . .

1. In-Person -- One-on-One
While face-to-face with your prospective customers you can instantly build rapport and gain trust -- plus you have their direct attention.

2. In-Person -- Group Presentations
This can be a sales presentation, a free seminar or a workshop. Your attendees can get to know, like and trust you quickly.

3. In-Person -- Networking
Everyone knows about 250 other people. The potential contacts for direct business or referrals are enormous.

4. Telephone
You can use the phone to call a current customer for a re-order or to let them know about a special offer on a new product.

5. Mail
It's only 'junk mail' to the people who don't want it. Chocolate lovers, love getting chocolate catalogs and offers in the mail. We just went to see a play by one of our local theater groups because of a post card we received in the mail. By mailing your message, you have the opportunity to provide as little or as much detail as you like.

6. Signs
Everywhere you look there's a sign! Billboards, store front signs, in-store signs, wall signs, even magnetic car signs. Signs are an excellent vehicle for delivering your marketing messages.

7. Ads -- Newspapers/Magazines
You can use classifieds, small display ads or full page ads. Make sure you choose the section that targets your prospects, and include a strong offer and call to action. Test small.

8. Ads -- Calendars, Bulletins, etc.
Other publications for displaying your ads, are church or community calendars and bulletins, ceremonial or theater programs, even place mats.

9. Ads -- Newsletters
Newsletters--either hard copy or electronic--are terrific vehicles for delivering your messages. Just make sure the newsletter targets your primary prospects and you have a strong offer.

10. Ads -- Yellow Pages
If you have the type of product or service that people find by turning to the yellow pages, this may be the perfect vehicle for you. Keep accurate track of your responses so you'll know whether it's worth the investment.

11. TV -- Commercial
The expense can be cost-prohibitive for many businesses, but for some it is the ideal method for communicating to the masses. If your product or service has a broad target and your budget allows, it could be worth testing.

12. TV -- Cable
More cost-effective and better targeted. You can either run ads, or, if you're really ambitious, host your own tips program.

13. Radio
Can be great for building awareness or supplementing other vehicles. Can be expensive, but worth it for many established businesses.

14. Trade Shows
Excellent way to meet your prospects face-to-face. Very targeted... Make contacts and follow up.

15. Door Hangers
Can be effective for home oriented products, like books, bibles, music, etc.

16. Flyers - Handed Out
Create your flyer with a strong benefit-focused message, strong offer and call to action, and then get it into the hands of your best prospects.

17. Flyers - Posted
Post your flyers in high traffic areas on bulletin and display boards, shop windows, etc.

18. Fliers - Inserted
You can have your fliers inserted in your local community newspaper. Some of the smaller weekly shopper newspapers will insert them for a very reasonable price. Have your flier copied on brightly colored paper and it will not be missed. You can also insert your flier in with your current orders, or arrange for another business to insert them into their orders.

19. Fliers - Displayed
Displaying your flier at the point of sale, the checkout counter, for instance, can be a very nice way of getting people to see your message.

20. Fax
We wouldn't recommend faxing your message to strangers. It can be an intrusion. However, you certainly can let your current prospects or customers know about a new offer you have by faxing it to them directly, or providing them with information they need.

21. E-mail
Sending unsolicited e-mails to strangers is a taboo on the Internet. It's called spam--and most people don't appreciate it. But, using e-mail to follow up with prospects or customers who have agreed to receive your messages can be very effective.

22. Web Site
More and more people are turning to the Internet for information about products and services. The time is rapidly approaching when all businesses will need to have a presence on the Web or they'll be left behind. Excellent vehicle for delivering information and your marketing messages.

23. News Releases
The media is always looking for items of interest for their readers/viewers/listeners. By making effective and consistent use of News Releases you can get your message out for little or no cost.

24. Publicity/Interviews
Is your product/service or business newsworthy? With the right slant, every business can be interesting. You may offer your expertise to the media and find yourself being interviewed on the evening news, or on a radio broadcast. Many successful marketers make excellent use of publicity and interviews to help deliver their message to their market.

25. Articles
How's your writing? One of the best and least expensive ways to deliver your message is by writing tips articles related to your products and offering it to the media for free. The media gets content that will interest their audience, and you get exposure for you and your company.
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