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How to Start a Christian Bookstore Business
Not just a business plan,... but a complete online Christian bookstore solution!
Who doesn't love books? I was reading on the BBC website that the #1 most popular online buy today is books!

Instructions: How to set up an online Christian bookstore.
Step 1

This processes has really been simplified for you!

No bank qualifying for a merchant account!... the credit card processing is built right into our system!

No website for YOU to build... we do it for you!

No distributors to negotiate prices with... receive wholesale pricing direct from our  28 warehouse locations distributors!

With a selection for 160,000 Christian products to chose from, you won't be lacking for product selection

If you feel like there really needs to be an action on your part for step one, consider it the action you took to find this site!

Sign up and reserve your store! 

Step 2

Choose a name for your Christian store. For example,... Or, maybe your store business plan focuses solely on one type of product. For example, you could build a store that features only Christian books, music, movies and other religious items. For example,... Name it something catchy and make it a name which is easy to remember. You'll want repeat business! So, make it something that people who visit it can  easily refer back to and can easily refer their friends to!

Step 3

Register a domain name it's cheap! Only $8.95 per year at There is no need to purchase website hosting. Web hosting is included with our plan.

Step 4

Name branding... Create your store logo! This is the fun part. It can be done in Paint, Photoshop, or another graphics software. Create your banner/logo to the size of 325 pixels wide x 60 pixels high in a gif or jpeg format.

Step 5

Pick your website style! Customize your store to your liking. Choose your template design, customize your home page, add more products of your own. If you like our style, fine (we provide you a beautiful page design)... however customizing your store can be fun!

Step 6

Submit your site to search engines & directories.

Step 7
Market your store online and offline & profit!


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