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Q. Should I open a business?
A. Let's look at the pros and cons of starting your own business...
CONSIDER IT A GIFT ~ Do you dream of starting your own business? As a child, did you sell candy or lemonade on the street corner? Believe me when I say that an entrepreneurial mind is a gift from God! Not everyone has your mindset. So what can you do about it?

How to open a Christian bookstore. WHAT TO DO ~ Accept that your desire to start your own business may be a gift from God. If He gives you a healthy desire, then He can also help you achieve your desire. God Himself, instituted our need for finances. He is a God of order. He Himself is the one who tells us in His Word that,... he who doesn't provide for his own household is worse than an unbeliever. The first thing to recognize is that there is an order to setting up your business. There are steps. It doesn't all happen overnight. Is it do-able, yes! Is it a get rich quick, overnight success solution? Ask any true business owner and if they are honest with you, they will tell you it is not. There are no short cuts.

SO, WHAT IS THE FIRST STEP? ~ Settle on your calling. Pray about it and ask The Lord for direction. Is a Christian product business right for you? What business will you get in to?

WRITE YOUR BUSINESS PLAN ~ What are your goals, what steps will you take to reach your goals. This is where you need to get serious. This will not be a temporary business which you swap out with a new business attempt in 6 months. It's time to get serious and make a commitment to success. If one attempt or approach doesn't work, figure out what will. Envision building a family business which you can one day pass on to your children.

If you considering whether opening a Christian bookstore is the right business for you,... then let's talk, today! Speak to a representative Monday thru Saturday, 8 am to 6 pm PST. Call toll-free 888-841-5551 ext. #3.

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