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How to start a church ministry bookstore...
Does your church have a website and would you like to link it to a ministry bookstore? Perfect! We have the solution for you.

How to start a church ministry bookstore. WHO ARE YOU REFERRING BUSINESS TO? ~ Too often, linking to a bookstore means linking to a third party company. The problem with this type of solution is that you have no control over their product selection or content. We are set up much differently! We give YOU control over your ministry's bookstore content! What does that mean to you? You may add additional denomination specific products and curriculum, add a module which allows your to censor out product you don't wish to offer, and more options!

WE CAN HELP YOU OPEN YOUR BOOKSTORE, TODAY ~ Are you ready to start your church ministry bookstore? We can get you up and running generally within a few hours of your call! Speak to a representative... 888-841-5551 ext. #3 to get started today!

Simple Steps:

1.)  Know what services we offer. Stores come pre-loaded with 160,000+ Christian friendly products. Ministries can add donation buttons and add additional products (such as books written by the pastor or a congregation member, school uniforms, summer camp tuition, tickets to couples banquet, etc.). The system comes with a built-in email newsletter system, so ministries can easily update congregation members via email of events, change in events, etc. 
2.)  Sign up for your bookstore. Please call us at 888-841-5551 ext. #3 if you need help or have any questions.
3.)  Annouce your store and fund raising efforts to your congregation. 
4.)  Keep your congregation updated of your progress. Announce how much was collected each month toward your fundraising efforts. Send out emails through your newsletter system plus put it in your weekly bulletin and announce it once per month from the pulpit. Keep your progress in front of your congregation as an encouragement and reminder that your store is available to them and their friends / family. Encourage them to share your church ministry bookstore with their friends and family across the country, Canada, and the European nations which we ship to (France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, & United Kingdom)!
5.)  Be sure to submit your church bookstore to the search engines! This will help your members find you in the search engines. It's easy! Visit for guidance on where to find the pages to submit your site to many search engines for free!

Wholesale Cost to Church

Added benefit to owning Church bookstore ~ the church can buy all it's own church products at wholesale pricing! Get distributor direct pricing on over 160,00+ Christian friendly books, music, movies, clothing, shoes, etc.

Need More Info? Call Now for details... 888-841-5551 ext. #3.

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